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Want to show off your Holigami folding skills but all you have is boring white paper? Download our very merry Periscope patterned paper here.

Difficulty Level: Hard


Start with the pretty side of the paper facing down. Fold corner to corner, creating a large triangle.


Unfold triangle, revealing diagonal crease and repeat with the opposite corners, creating an “x” crease.


Fold the bottom corners in so they meet the top peak of the triangle and make a crease.


Taking the right flap, fold the corner down to the bottom of the diamond. Repeat on the left side. Then unfold.


Now, take the right corner and fold it to the center of the diamond. Repeat with the left corner.


Now reverse the fold you made in step five: Take the right corner, pulling apart the two layers of the diamond, and push the point in towards the center, between the front and back flaps. Crease the fold and repeat on the left side.


Flip the paper over so the flaps are in the back. Fold the shape in half, so the two flaps are facing outward.


Fold the top flap down, diagonally. It should look like the image on the right. Flip over and repeat.


Fold the right side over to the left, on a diagonal line. Flip to the opposite side and repeat.


It should look like this on both sides.


Rotate, and fold the top down along the diagonal crease.


Unfold it and flip over. It should look like this.


Using an inside-reverse fold, push the tail down along the center line.


Now it's starting to look like a dove! Fold the wing up and crease on the horizontal fold. Flip over and repeat.


Use another reverse fold, inverting a small triangle to create the dove's beak. Take the bottom of the dove, separate the fold between the wing and the tip of the dove, push down with your thumb.


Accordion fold the wings and tail and Voilà! Your own symbol of world peace.

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